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A Prayer to Thor During Times of Trouble

Hail Thor,
slayer of giants and trolls,
defender of Midgard!

Darkness gathers on the horizon
and troubling times lay ahead.
I call to you for strength to face these challenges!

Mighty Thor,
as you defend Midgard,
so too shall I aid you in its defense
standing up for the Earth and its people.

As you stride into Jotunheim to challenge the giants,
may I have the courage to go forth and challenge those I oppose.

As you uncover deception and illusion in your travels,
may I have the bravery to confront those
who seek to harm with treachery.

And as you take great risk to fight for Midgard,
may I persevere in the face of opposition
for the sake of doing what is right.

So be it!

A Prayer to Thor for Protection from Severe Weather

By: Mike Kaan

Hail Thor,
wielder of the hammer Mjölnir,
slayer of giants and trolls,
defender of Midgard!

Storm clouds gather,
ill wights and giants
of the furious winds
threaten the land and its people.

I ask for your protection,
and ask that you defend my home and family
from these foes.

I give to you this offering
with the hope that you may aid us.

May your hammer strike true!

Thor, accept my offering!