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An Invocation to Sunna for Yule

Hail, Sunna!
Golden-glowing goddess,
shining lady of the heavens,
driver of the chariot of the sun,
whose flaming wheel gives light and life to all!
I honor you this day for the life and warmth you give,
for without your light
we could not live.
And although this is the darkest night,
tomorrow brings your renewed light,
as you ascend in strength and height
into the shining sky.

Sunna Greeting Prayer

By: Mike Kaan

Hail, Sunna!

Bright bride of the heavens,
golden, glowing goddess,
fire of sky and air!

I greet you this day!

May your journey across the sky
be swift and safe.

So be it!

A Norse Morning Prayer

By: Mike Kaan

Hail, Day!
Hail, sons of Day!
Hail, Sunna
and your golden rays!

You brighten my way
as I dwell in Midgard,
giving me hope and happiness,
O light of the world!

Hail, Earth Mother!
Hail, Ancestors!
Hail, Land wights,
Gods and Goddesses, hail!

Mighty Kindreds, I thank you for your blessings!
For the wisdom, courage, and abundance you bestow upon me,
I thank you!

Grant me victory this day, Mighty Kindreds,
a day won with virtue!

So be it!