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A Prayer to Thor During Times of Trouble

Hail Thor,
slayer of giants and trolls,
defender of Midgard!

Darkness gathers on the horizon
and troubling times lay ahead.
I call to you for strength to face these challenges!

Mighty Thor,
as you defend Midgard,
so too shall I aid you in its defense
standing up for the Earth and its people.

As you stride into Jotunheim to challenge the giants,
may I have the courage to go forth and challenge those I oppose.

As you uncover deception and illusion in your travels,
may I have the bravery to confront those
who seek to harm with treachery.

And as you take great risk to fight for Midgard,
may I persevere in the face of opposition
for the sake of doing what is right.

So be it!