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A Prayer to Odin for a Partnership

Hail Odin,
Son of Bor,
Son of Bestla,
Ancient One!

I call to you!

Hail Odin,
Father of Hosts,
Father of the Slain,
Father of All!

I call to you!

Hail Odin,
God of the Runes!

I call to you!

You of many names,
you of ecstasy,
you of wisdom,
Odin, hail!

I come to you to form a partnership
that will be mutually beneficial
for us both.

May I do as you call me to do,
within reasonable boundaries,
and in return
may I learn from you the wisdom of the worlds.

Odin, accept my offering!

[Make offering]

May this be the beginning
of a fruitful relationship.

So be it!