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A Prayer to Odin for a Partnership

Hail Odin,
Son of Bor,
Son of Bestla,
Ancient One!

I call to you!

Hail Odin,
Father of Hosts,
Father of the Slain,
Father of All!

I call to you!

Hail Odin,
God of the Runes!

I call to you!

You of many names,
you of ecstasy,
you of wisdom,
Odin, hail!

I come to you to form a partnership
that will be mutually beneficial
for us both.

May I do as you call me to do,
within reasonable boundaries,
and in return
may I learn from you the wisdom of the worlds.

Odin, accept my offering!

[Make offering]

May this be the beginning
of a fruitful relationship.

So be it!

A Norse Prayer For Inspiration

Hail Odin,
High One,
Father of All!

I come to you
seeking inspiration.
I come to you
seeking the Mead of Poetry.

With this gift (offering)
I hope of one taste,
one drink of Kvasir’s blood,
that precious mead.

May the Mead of Poetry
flow through me,
past honey’d lips,
sparking the fire within.

May the Mead of Poetry
flow through me,
into my hands,
to create my work.

So be it!

A Short Norse Morning Devotional (using the ADF Core Order of Ritual)

By: Mike Kaan

At first glance, the ADF Core Order of Ritual can seem daunting and, if one has seen some sample scripts, rather lengthy as well. That said, I love the structure, its power, and its ability to put me in touch with the cosmos and my Kindreds. I really wanted to do the ADF Core Order of Ritual on a daily basis, not only to invite that power into my life everyday upon rising, but to know the ADF Core Order of Ritual by heart. The following text is the result of that effort.

On average, this ritual lasts anywhere between 7-10 minutes. I’ve simplified portions of the ritual text while still including every step of the ADF Core Order of Ritual. Offerings are also simplified into a select few items that are manageable to restock, and easy to keep by my home shrine. The goal here was effectiveness and efficiency. It took me awhile to find the right balance, but I believe I’ve achieved my goal, which was to form a meaningful, daily practice. Now, I’m at a point where I can perform this ritual from memory (improvising when needed), while learning the ADF Core Order of Ritual in the process. This script is from a Wednesday ritual.

1. Initiating the Rite

[Three knells of a bell]

[Two Powers Meditation] (Here, I draw the waters and power of the Earth up through me, and then let the Sky power shine down through me. This acts as a grounding and centering, while also serving as a first step in connecting me to the cosmos.)

2. Purification

Say: “The waters of the earth flow within me.”
[Take a dab of water from the Well and touch it to forehead]

Say: “The light of the sky burns within me, cleansing me and making me whole.”
[Place hand safely over the flame to feel its warmth]

3. Honoring the Earth Mother

Say: “Hail Nerthus, Earth Mother! Be with me in my rite. Nerthus, accept my offering!”
[Make offering of oats]

4. Statement of Purpose

Say: “I have come to honor the Kindreds, with gifts to give and blessings to receive.”

5. (Re)Creating the Cosmos

Say: “And so it came to pass that Odin and his brothers slew the giant Ymir, and from the giant’s body they fashioned the world. From Ymir’s blood comes the Seas and waters surrounding me, from his skin the Land beneath me, and from his skull the Sky above me.”

Say: “Hail to the Fire, light of the heavens, shining Asgard. Sacred Fire burn within me!”

Say: “Hail to the Well, the Triple Well, deep beneath the earth. Sacred Well flow within me!”

Say: “Hail to Yggdrasil, the World Tree, whose roots and branches connect to all Nine Worlds. Sacred Tree grow within me!”

6. Opening the Gates

Say: “Hail Heimdall, guardian of Bifrost Bridge, be with me in my rite. Heimdall, accept my offering!”
[Make offering of ale]

Say: “Heimdall, aid me in opening the gates. May the Fire, Well, and Tree become a gate. Let the gates be open!”
[Make an opening motion with my hands]

7. Inviting the Three Kindreds

Say: “Hail Ancestors, Land Wights, Aesir, and Vanir! Be with me in my rite. Mighty Kindreds, accept my offering!”
[Make offering of ale]

8. Key Offerings

Say: “Hail Odin, All-Father! It is Wednesday, Odin’s Day, and I honor you. Grant me wisdom in all that I do, and inspiration in all that I create. Odin, accept my offering!”
[Making offering of wine]

9. Prayer of Sacrifice

Say: “Kindreds All, accept my offering!”
[Make offering of mead]

10. Omen

Say: “Odin, master of the runes, let the Kindreds speak to me. What blessing do I receive in return for my offerings?”
[Draw one rune to determine what the Kindred bless me with for the day]

11. Calling (asking) for the Blessing

Say: “Mighty Kindreds, may your blessing flow into this horn so that I may drink deeply of fair return.”

12. Hallowing the Blessings

Say: “Behold the Waters of life!”
[Visualize the blessings infusing the liquid in the horn, then drink]

13. Affirmation of the Blessing

Say: “The blessings of the Kindreds flow through my head, my heart, and my loins. Hail to the Kindreds!”

14. Working

(If I don’t have anything specific planned, I often use this section as a time to light a flame for those in need.)

15. Thanking the Beings

Say: “Odin, Aesir, Vanir, Land Wights, and Ancestors, thank you for your presence and blessings in this rite.”

16. Closing the Gate(s)

Say: “Heimdall, my work here is finished, now close the gates!”
[Make a closing motion with my hands]

Say: “Heimdall, I thank you for your presence and aid in my rite.”

17. Thanking the Earth Mother

Say: “Nerthus, Earth Mother, thank you for your presence and blessings in this rite.”

18. Closing the Rite

Say: “I go forth with the blessings of the Kindreds. This rite has ended!”