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An Invocation to Freyr for Freyfaxi

Hail, Freyr!
Freyr, of the Vanir!
Freyr, son of Njord!
Freyr, brother of Freyja!

We call to you!

We call to you, you whose name is Lord!
We call to you, you who is Lord of the Mound!
We call to you, Lord of Alfheim!

We call to you!

It is you, Freyr, who gave up his sword
to woo Gerd.
Gerd, the Jotun, who is abundance
from the wild earth.
It is you, Freyr, who brings fair weather and sunshine
so that the crops may grow.
It is you, Freyr, whose prosperity and abundance
sustain us with life and peace.

We honor you, Freyr!

Accept these gifts from our own first harvests
in thanks for all that you do!

Freyr, accept our offerings!