Category: Prayers

These Gifts (for Wights)

I give these gifts
wights of Land
wights of Sea
wights of Sky
To you
I give these gifts

I give these gifts
wights of stone
wights of stream
wights of tree
To you
I give these gifts

I give these gifts
wights of field
wights of lake
wights of hill
To you
I give these gifts

I give these gifts
wights of green
wights of red
hidden folk
To you
I give these gifts

I give these gifts
with the hope
of blessings
and allies
To you
I give these gifts

A Norse Evening Prayer

By: Mike Kaan

Hail, Night!
Hail, daughter of Night!
Hail, spirits of Night!
The day is done
as darkness comes,
and Hrimfaxi rides high in the sky.
May the lessons of the day bring wisdom.
May the work of the day bring abundance.
May Night bring rest and peace.
So be it!

Ehwaz Rune Prayer

By: Mike Kaan


May I be blessed
to have a strong steed beneath,
bearing me along my path.

May I be blessed
to be the strong steed beneath,
bearing kin through trouble.

Sunna Greeting Prayer

By: Mike Kaan

Hail, Sunna!

Bright bride of the heavens,
golden, glowing goddess,
fire of sky and air!

I greet you this day!

May your journey across the sky
be swift and safe.

So be it!

Máni Invocation

By: Mike Kaan

Hail Máni,
brother of Sunna,
counter of years!
May your soft silvery light
illuminate my way through darkness.
May your shifting face
remind me that change is constant.
Máni, I honor you!

An Introductory Prayer for Unknown Land Spirits

By: Mike Kaan

Hail, spirits of this land!
Spirits of green and red,
spirits hidden and unhidden,
I call to you!

I come before you seeking friendship and wisdom.
I come before you so that I may know you.

See me as I walk lightly among you,
and hear me as I say these prayers to you.

May your wisdom be revealed to me,
and may my presence disturb you not.

Spirits of this land,
I come with this gift to honor you.
May I fall into your favor.

Land spirits, accept my offering!

A Prayer to Thor for Protection from Severe Weather

By: Mike Kaan

Hail Thor,
wielder of the hammer Mjölnir,
slayer of giants and trolls,
defender of Midgard!

Storm clouds gather,
ill wights and giants
of the furious winds
threaten the land and its people.

I ask for your protection,
and ask that you defend my home and family
from these foes.

I give to you this offering
with the hope that you may aid us.

May your hammer strike true!

Thor, accept my offering!