A Prayer to Odin for a Partnership

Hail Odin,
Son of Bor,
Son of Bestla,
Ancient One!

I call to you!

Hail Odin,
Father of Hosts,
Father of the Slain,
Father of All!

I call to you!

Hail Odin,
God of the Runes!

I call to you!

You of many names,
you of ecstasy,
you of wisdom,
Odin, hail!

I come to you to form a partnership
that will be mutually beneficial
for us both.

May I do as you call me to do,
within reasonable boundaries,
and in return
may I learn from you the wisdom of the worlds.

Odin, accept my offering!

[Make offering]

May this be the beginning
of a fruitful relationship.

So be it!

An Invocation to the Dísir for Disting

Hail, to the Dísir,
to the feminine spirits
in all Nine Worlds!

We call to the women of our ancestry,
those who guide and watch over us
from the underworld!

We call to the spirits of the land,
those who give us life and abundance
here in Midgard!

We call to the valkyries and goddesses,
those who inspire and aid us
from the lofty realm of Asgard!

Dísir, we honor you!

May you provide us with strength and wisdom
as winter begins to fade.

May you provide us with prosperity and abundance
when the growing season comes at last.

Dísir, accept our offering!

A Prayer of Cleansing

[This purification can be done in a bath, shower, in a basin. You may place any kind of purifying substance in the waters, based on any particular inclinations or traditions, prior to this purification prayer. Examples include salt, a Wellstone, herbs, or oils. Application may be different for a shower. You can place the substance on you prior to the shower, or place an object, like a Wellstone or piece of silver, in the shower, or near the shower head.]

O Waters of the Wells,
flow over
and through me.

By the Well of Hvergelmir,
may I be cleansed
and purified.

[Submerge, pass your head beneath the shower head, or run water over your face.]

By the Well of Mimir,
may I be filled with the wisdom
of all the worlds.

[Submerge, pass your head beneath the shower head, or run water over your face.]

By the Well of Urd,
may I have vision
to see and walk the virtuous path in life.

[Submerge, pass your head beneath the shower head, or run water over your face.]

O Waters of the Wells,
the Three Great Wells,
you restore me!

An Invocation to Freyr for Freyfaxi

Hail, Freyr!
Freyr, of the Vanir!
Freyr, son of Njord!
Freyr, brother of Freyja!

We call to you!

We call to you, you whose name is Lord!
We call to you, you who is Lord of the Mound!
We call to you, Lord of Alfheim!

We call to you!

It is you, Freyr, who gave up his sword
to woo Gerd.
Gerd, the Jotun, who is abundance
from the wild earth.
It is you, Freyr, who brings fair weather and sunshine
so that the crops may grow.
It is you, Freyr, whose prosperity and abundance
sustain us with life and peace.

We honor you, Freyr!

Accept these gifts from our own first harvests
in thanks for all that you do!

Freyr, accept our offerings!

An Invocation to Sunna for Yule

Hail, Sunna!
Golden-glowing goddess,
shining lady of the heavens,
driver of the chariot of the sun,
whose flaming wheel gives light and life to all!
I honor you this day for the life and warmth you give,
for without your light
we could not live.
And although this is the darkest night,
tomorrow brings your renewed light,
as you ascend in strength and height
into the shining sky.

A Norse Devotional Ritual

[Perform Two Powers meditation]

I have come to honor the Earth,
my ancestors, the wights, the Aesir, and the Vanir.
May Thor protect me in my rite.

Goddesses of the Earth,
Nerthus and Jord,
I give you thanks for the life you give to all.
Accept my offering. [make offering]

I stand in Midgard,
the Land beneath me,
the Seas and waters surrounding me,
the Sky above me.

At the center burns a Fire,
where Bifrost touches the Earth.
At the center flows a Well,
with waters from the Three Great Wells.
At the center stands Yggdrasil,
connecting all worlds together,
from Asgard above,
to Helheim below,
and all worlds between.

I call to my ancestors,
my Alfar, and my Disir,
I honor you with this gift! [make offering]
I call to the wights,
wights of land and wights of home,
I honor you with this gift! [make offering]
I call to the gods,
the Aesir, and the Vanir,
I honor you with this gift! [make offering]

[Invocation to a deity(ies) or being(s) that you’d like to honor specifically]

[make offering]

Ancestors, wights, and gods,
what blessings do I receive in return for my offerings?

[Draw a rune]

[If positive:]

The omen is good!

A gift calls for a gift
to complete the cycle of hospitality.
May the blessing flow into this horn
so that I may drink deeply of fair return.
Behold the Waters of Life!


The blessings flow through my head, my heart, and my loins.
May these blessings enrich my life.
Hail to the Three Kindred!

[If negative:]

The omen is poor.

The Three Kindred put forth a challenge,
a challenge to overcome.
I drink from this horn
and accept this challenge.
Behold the Waters of Life!


May my victory over this challenge bring me blessings
and make me stronger.
Hail to the Three Kindred!

[Ritual continues:]

Aesir and Vanir,
Wights of land and wights of home,
my Alfar, and my Disir,
I thank you for your presence in this rite.

May I honor the Kindred and the cosmos in all that I do.
May I walk the path of the virtues to do right by myself and my kin.
May these relationships bring health, wealth, and wisdom to my life.

This rite has ended!

A Norse Prayer For Inspiration

Hail Odin,
High One,
Father of All!

I come to you
seeking inspiration.
I come to you
seeking the Mead of Poetry.

With this gift (offering)
I hope of one taste,
one drink of Kvasir’s blood,
that precious mead.

May the Mead of Poetry
flow through me,
past honey’d lips,
sparking the fire within.

May the Mead of Poetry
flow through me,
into my hands,
to create my work.

So be it!

A Prayer to Thor During Times of Trouble

Hail Thor,
slayer of giants and trolls,
defender of Midgard!

Darkness gathers on the horizon
and troubling times lay ahead.
I call to you for strength to face these challenges!

Mighty Thor,
as you defend Midgard,
so too shall I aid you in its defense
standing up for the Earth and its people.

As you stride into Jotunheim to challenge the giants,
may I have the courage to go forth and challenge those I oppose.

As you uncover deception and illusion in your travels,
may I have the bravery to confront those
who seek to harm with treachery.

And as you take great risk to fight for Midgard,
may I persevere in the face of opposition
for the sake of doing what is right.

So be it!